Swim spa comparison: Jetted and propulsion systems | Master Spas

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Facebook Live — February 15, 2023

Swimming in a swim spa is not like swimming in a pool. In a traditional pool, you are moving forward across the lane, turning around and swimming back. Swim spas provide a stationary swimming experience. Swimmers can adjust the flow of the water, setting the speed and the temperature.

If you are considering a swim spa or swim-in-place pool, you might be wondering what type of swim spa is best. In this Facebook Live video, swim spa specialists Ben Gilliam and Mari Cuticelli talk about the different types of swim spa currents.

The best swim spa will depend on your skill level, goals, and backyard space. Jetted swim spas are ideal for recreational or casual swimmers, while propulsion units provide the fastest swimming experience. However, the H2X Challenger series from Master Spas provides a unique jetted swim spa experience. The airless jet system is designed to improve visibility and reduce turbulence as you swim in place.

The characteristics of a quality endless swim current include the width of the swim channel; the amount of turbulence; the return of water in the unit; ability to customize the speed of the water; and the power/quality of the pumps used to push water through the jets or propulsion unit.

This video also addresses common questions about swim spas and other swim-in-place pools.

  • What are the different types of swim spa currents?
  • How do jetted swim spas compare to propulsion systems?
  • If you want to swim at home, how big does the swim spa need to be?
  • How do you track how far you are swimming in a swim-in-place pool?
  • What are the misconceptions about swim spas and how to swim in a swim spa?