Swim Spa Benefits — Weight Loss Goals

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Facebook Live — July 22, 2020

Exercise is a key component of most weight loss programs. But when you are starting on a weight-loss journey, working out can be uncomfortable. Whether you have mobility issues or feel self-conscious in a public setting. A swim spa by Master Spas offers a fun way to exercise that is safe for most people.

In this video, Ben and Mari talk about how you can safely and effectively exercise in the water with a swim spa. The three components of fitness are balance, resistance training, and cardiovascular fitness. A swim spa can help you work on all three components so that you can be well-rounded and in good shape.

How a swim spa can help with weight loss:

  • Stress-free environment that doesn’t put pressure on the joints
  • Increased range of motion and flexibility
  • Ability to adjust the difficulty of exercise based on your fitness level