Summer Shape-Up: 20-Minute Workout for Your Swim Spa

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Facebook Live: July 28, 2021

Exercising in the water can help improve your overall well-being. You can improve your cardiovascular fitness, strength, mobility, and balance. In this video, Ben and Mari share a 20-minute workout that you can do in your Master Spas swim spa.

This water aerobics workout is beginner-friendly. However, any water workout can be made more challenging by changing the speed of the movement or increasing the number of repetitions.

Water fitness equipment can be incorporated into your routine. For this workout, you will need resistance tubing,rowing bars, and aquatic dumbbells.

Water fitness equipment is included with most Master Spas swim spas, as well as the H2Xercise book. Written by aquatic fitness expert Dr. Rick McAvoy, the H2Xercise book includes exercises and programs ideal for swim spas. The programs are designed for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels so you can work toward your goals at your pace. You can also use the book as a reference or to incorporate variety into your workouts.

With a swim spa, you can keep your water training to the comfort and convenience of your backyard. You might think of swimming and water exercise as a summer activity. Master Spas swim spas, though, are designed to be used year-round. They have temperature controls, allowing you to adjust the water to your perfect temperature (even in the winter!).