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Facebook Live — May 17, 2023

Warm up and prepare your body for summer with our swim spa stretching routine!

Whether you've been stuck indoors during the winter or want to enhance your golfing game, this routine is for you. Or, use this swim spa routine to shake out your muscles after a long flight or epic road trip.

These water exercises provide a low-impact and joint-friendly way to stretch and strengthen your body. Our stretches are suitable for beginners and intermediate fitness levels, ensuring everyone can participate.

Swim spa water exercises demonstrated in this video:

Straight leg walk. This exercise is ideal for the hamstrings and the hips, stretching the muscles of the legs and improving blood flow. To perform this exercise, stand tall with your core braced. Raise one leg as high as you can and lower it in front of you. Walk forward and repeat the motion on the other leg. Continue as you walk from one end of the swim spa to the other. You can count the number of reps or do the exercise for a set length of time.

Piriformis walk. For this swim spa stretch, bend your knee and lift it at an angle toward the surface of the water. Your knee will be pointing outward, and you should feel a stretch in your pelvis and hips.

Hip flexion and extension. Raise your leg in front of you and then extend it behind you. You can hold onto the side of the swim spa if you struggle with balance.

Overhead stretch. Lift up your arms and clasp your hands together. Allow yourself to feel the stretch in the shoulders and upper back. It's great for swimmers, golfers, baseball players, or shoulder mobility issues.

Cross body stretch. Take one arm and place it across your chest. Use your opposing arm to bring the arm closer to your body. Remember to be gentle and don't force the stretch.

Split stance fly. This stance gives you more stability. Bring your arms in front of you. To perform the fly, open up the arms and then close them. For more of a challenge, you can use aquatic dumbbells.

Core rotations. With your arms clasped together in front of you, rotate from side to side.