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Facebook Live — March 15, 2023

Draining your swim spa is an essential part of maintaining its cleanliness and overall health. Over time, you might notice that you are working harder to keep the chemicals balanced and the water clear. Cloudy or hazy water can be a sign that you need to drain your spa.

Not only does draining your swim spa give you a fresh start but can help protect your spa's components, such as the pumps and heaters. Spring is an ideal time to drain your swim spa. The weather is warmer and you can take care of other spa maintenance before summer fun begins.

In this Facebook Live video, swim spa specialists Ben Gilliam and Mari Cuticelli talk about how to drain your swim spa and other spring maintenance tips.

There are two ways to drain your swim spa: submersible pump and a siphon. The sump pump is best for those who are pressed for time. When you use a garden hose as a siphon, you do not have to monitor the draining process. You can use multiple garden hoses to speed the siphoning process.

No matter the method you use to drain your swim spa, the most important step is to turn off the power at the breaker.

In this video, they answer these common swim spa questions:

  • How do you clean the swim spa cover?
  • What type of protectant is best to use on your swim spa cover?
  • How long do swim spa filters last?
  • How often should you replace your filters?
  • Do I need to put a conditioner in it every time I put chlorine?
  • Why is my swim spa water foaming?