Spring checklist for spa owners

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Facebook Live: April 27, 2022

Take advantage of the warm weather and tackle hot tub maintenance this spring. In this video, Master Spas' Ben Gilliam and Mari Cuticelli share the seasonal spa maintenance you should do now. Hot tub and swim spa owners should consider draining and refilling their spas, replacing the core of the EcoPur charge filter, and more. Plus, they answer all of your questions about owning a hot tub or swim spa.

Are you searching for signs of spring? Look beyond the yellow of daffodils and the song of birds. From advertisements to the donation pile, many people participate in the ritual of spring cleaning. While it might often apply to decluttering your home, it's also an opportunity to spruce up your backyard.

Hot tub and swim spa owners should take time to perform routine maintenance. Adding in chemicals and rinsing filters are weekly tasks. However, replacing filters and changing the water should be done a couple times a year.

But what else should you do?

  • Inspect concrete and patio
  • Test your outdoor water source
  • Rake any leaves and cleanup other debris
  • Hose down skirting
  • Add splinters filled with colorful annuals