On Location: Trainer 15D Installation

Facebook Lives

Facebook Live: March 24, 2021

In this video, Ben and Mari go on location to visit an Indiana family who had an H2X Trainer 15D installed in 2020. The H2X Trainer 15D was installed on an elevated deck, which was built by the homeowner. With a built-in look, the installation of this 15-foot swim spa is ideal for family use, entertaining, and year-round exercise.

A swim spa by Master Spas has enriched their lives, the family tells Ben and Mari. Lisa used warm water exercise as part of her recovery from back surgery. The family’s two girls also enjoy playing in the water and swimming.

In addition to talking about how the use the swim spa, the homeowners also share how much it costs to operate a swim spa, water care tips, and the installation process.

Swim spa benefits for a family:

  • Aquatic therapy and exercise
  • Ability to control the temperature, so it’s comfortable
  • Year-round use
  • Water care is easy