Revive your wellness routine

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Facebook Live: May 11, 2022

Do you want to find a way to incorporate more movement and make your health a priority? In this video, Master Spas' Ben Gilliam and Mari Cuticelli share how you can refresh your workout routine with a Master Spas swim spa. Whether you want to swim or start your fitness journey, a swim spa makes water exercise comfortable and convenient. And, as Ben and Mari share, you only need 20 minutes!

Move daily. It can be a struggle to get in regular exercise. But moving your body daily does not mean you need to do a structured workout. Incorporating small ways to move throughout the day can benefit your physical and mental well-being. Consider going for a short walk or dancing as you clean. Oftentimes, walking to the mailbox or visiting a friend can a part of your day that you look forward to.

Consistency. Starting a fitness routine is often more difficult than maintaining one. Consistency is key to any wellness routine. If you are a beginner, set goals that are attainable whether it's logging 10,000 steps a day or swimming in the swim spa three times a week.

Exercise variety. There are often two reasons that people struggle with incorporating exercise into their daily lives. Time is often a reason. However, boredom is another. If you are struggling to find motivation, adding variety to your workouts can be beneficial. Do you typically walk? Try water walking in the swim spa. You can also add in more challenging moves.

More than just exercise. We often consider a wellness routine to be just exercise. However, it's important to take a holistic approach to your health. Be sure to make time to relax and unwind. A swim spa has hydrotherapy seats that help relieve aches and pains. Sometimes, just taking 20 minutes to sit without the distraction of screens can boost your sense of well-being.