Paradise, every day

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Facebook Live: October 13, 2021

That longing for your own backyard oasis to unwind in? We've felt it, too. But you don't have to live in paradise to enjoy the water and relaxation. In this video, Ben and Mari share tips for creating your dream backyard. A Master Spas swim spa can transform your yard into a place where you can enjoy the amenities of a five-star resort without packing your bags. Plus, Ben and Mari answer viewers' questions about swim spa water care, installation, and covers.

Tips for creating an at-home paradise:

Proximity to your house. The closer your swim spa is to the door, the more likely you will use it. You want to make sure that you have a clear path, too. While this factor might not be as important if you live in a warmer climate, it will be helpful if you experience winter.

Live mature trees. One of the challenges with a backyard makeover is that it takes time. If you are planting perennials or trees, it might be years before they are mature. Consider renting mature palms, which you can use for seasonal decor. Alternately, you can invest in larger bushes that add privacy and the look you are seeking.

Swim spa on a deck. You can install your swim spa on a deck, so long as it's been reinforced to hold the weight. However, a better option might be building a deck around the swim spa. It creates a custom look and extends your entertaining area.

Patience. It's important not to rush your backyard project. A backyard oasis is a place you will enjoy season after season. You can slowly add to your landscaping or invest in patio furniture.