Meet the H2X Trainer 15D - Our Most Popular Swim Spa!

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Facebook Live — August 19, 2020

The H2X Trainer 15D makes it easy to swim, exercise, and relax at home. An alternative to an in-ground lap pool, a swim spa has an endless current for swimming and exercise; therapy jets for recovery and relaxation; and increased depth for buoyancy.

And the 15-foot-swim spa can be installed in many backyards without taking over outdoor living space.

In this video, Ben and Mari go on location to check out the H2X Trainer 15D. The duo show off this swim spa installation and answer swim spa questions.

Learn more about the H2X Trainer Series:

Which swim spa is right for you? There are three unique H2X Fitness Swim Spa series — the Challenger series, the Trainer series, and the Therapool series.

The difference lies in the swim jets and performance options.

CHALLENGER SERIES: Elite performance, airless VIP jets, programmable speed. Challengers are ideal for athletes, and fitness enthusiasts.

TRAINER SERIES: High performance, air-injected VIP jets, adjustable speed. Trainers are ideal for fitness enthusiasts and therapy seekers.

THERAPOOL SERIES: Fitness oriented, air-injected flow stream jets, dual speed. Therapools are ideal for small spaces and aqua therapy.