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On location: Indoor swim spa installation

Facebook Lives

Facebook Live: December 1, 2021

One Indiana homeowner shows that an indoor pool does not have to be a dream. In this Facebook Live, Master Spas goes on location to tour an indoor swim spa installation. An H2X Challenger 19D, a dual-zone swim spa, was installed in a custom all-season room.

The homeowners worked with Miracle Contracting to build an addition for the swim spa. This addition features an outdoor television, ventilation, fresh water, and more.

Ben and Mari share how the homeowner made an indoor all-season pool possible with a swim spa. Plus, Ben and Mari answer viewers' questions.

When planning an indoor spa pool, there are two several considerations. Among them are humidity, ventilation, and water chemistry.

The water in the swim spa will add moisture to the air. A dehumidifier can help manage the temperature of the room and prevent mold. As the water goes into the air, so do the chemicals. Poor water chemistry can affect the air quality. A special humidifier helps with ventilation, as do windows in the all-season room.

From the humidity to just splashing water, slipping can occur. Be sure to add non-slip mats or choose a flooring option that has traction.

What is the benefit of an indoor swim spa installation? While Master Spas models are designed to be used year-round, the homeowners never have to worry about the weather. They can swim as it snows or on a hot summer day. An indoor installation also offers maximum privacy.