On Location: Dual-Temperature Swim Spa Installation

Facebook Lives

Facebook Live: March 3, 2021

Previously recorded on Facebook, this video highlights the features and benefits of a dual-temperature swim spa.

Ben and Mari are on location, showing off the dual-temperature swim spa installation of a Master Spas customer.

This swim spa was installed next to an existing deck, offering convenient access from the patio doors. It also has a rolling swim spa cover, which provides a low-profile look when not in use.

A dual-zone swim spa has a hot tub side and a swim area, as well as two sets of temperature controls.

The dual-temperature H2X Challenger is a 19-foot swim spa. It has an airless jet system that creates a smooth flow of water that allows for stationary swimming. You can set your own pace, with speed settings from zero to 25.

What are the benefits of a dual zone temperature swim spa?

  • Exercise and hydrotherapy in one portable spa
  • Sleek design
  • Two sets of temperature controls, so you can train and recover in the same session without waiting
  • Year-round use
  • Holds fewer gallons of water, making swim spa water care easier than a pool