Tips for swimming in the winter

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Facebook Live: January 12, 2022

Swimming year-round is not reserved for indoor pools or warmer climates. A Master Spas swim spa makes it convenient and comfortable to swim in winter, without having to bundle up and go to a fitness facility. Swim spa specialists Ben Gilliam and Mari Cuticelli share how you can swim safely and comfortably throughout the winter in a Master Spas swim spa.

Master Spas swim spas are designed for year-round swimming and enjoyment.

"The only chilly part is hopping in,"" Ben shares in this Facebook Live.

However, it's important to balance comfort and safety when you swim in the winter.

Bundle up. The water of your swim spa might be at the perfect temperature but the air will be cold. Before you go out to the spa, bundle up in a warm robe and rubber-soled slippers.

Keep your head covered. Heat escapes through your head and if you go outside with it uncovered, you will get cold more quickly. You can wear a beanie to keep you warm. Or, if you plan to swim, put on your swim cap before heading outside.

Ideal water temperature. Have you ever felt the chill of a public pool? The water temperature of lap pools is often kept in the low 80s. However, if you are using a swim-in-place poolin the winter, you might want to turn up the temperature. Some people prefer keeping the water temperature closer to 88. The key is to keep it at a comfortable temperature but not so warm that you are going to overheat.

Wear a wetsuit. Triathletes and open water swimmers will wear a wetsuit when the water temperature is too cold for comfort. While your swim spa water will be at the right temperature, you might get cold from the air temperature. A sleeveless wetsuit can help keep you warm while swimming in the winter. If you do want to swim in a wetsuit, consider dropping the water temperature by a few degrees.