How to Swim in a Swim Spa: Part II

Facebook Lives

Facebook Live — July 8, 2020

A swim spa is designed for, well, swimming. An endless current of water creates resistance so that you can swim in place. But just as running on a treadmill is different than running on the road, swimming in a swim spa is different than a pool.

A swim-in-place pool provides a continuous swimming experience. Rather than swimming from wall to wall in a pool, doing a flip turn at the end of each length, you swim against a current.

In this video, Ben and Mari talk about how swimming in a swim spa is different and how it can help improve your fitness. They talk about the tips, tricks, and training tools you can use to enjoy the swim experience in a Master Spas.

There are myriad benefits to incorporating a swim-in-place pool into your training. Sessions in a swim spa can help you strengthen your stabilizer muscles, as well as engage your core. In addition, you have the space to focus on technique and work on the drills you might skip when time crunched.

Stationary swimming also allows you to focus, find your rhythm, and work on your endurance.

Master Spas swim spas allow you to adjust the strength (or speed) of the swim current. You can enjoy a gentle warm-up and then slowly increase the speed. Without sharing a lane or swimming with a squad, you can focus on your workout.