How to Navigate HOAs, Permits and Insurance

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Facebook Live — June 10, 2020

As you are beginning the process of buying a swim spa by Master Spas, there might be one thing you need to consider — your HOA. Local zoning rules and HOA guidelines can regulate where and how you install your swim spa.

In this video, Ben and Mari talk about the best ways to work with an HOA to install a swim spa.

Important talking points when asking your zoning board or HOA to approve a swim spa:

A swim spa is NOT a pool (never call it a pool, as pools have different regulations). While some HOAs restrict above-ground pools, they are often referring to inflatable pools or those with metal frames.

Regulations will be the same as a hot tub. If your HOA is unfamiliar with swim spas, there's a good chance they have seen a hot tub. A swim spa is similar to a very large hot tub.

This is because no plumbing exits the cabinet. Why is this important? The homeowner will not have to add plumbing. In addition, the design is sleeker and looks nicer in the yard.

Locking covers are UL listed. Safety is important when talking to your HOA. Master Spas swim spas have high-density foam covers that can lock in place. This cover style also help with energy efficiency.