How to Install a Swim Spa

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Facebook Live — April 16, 2020

An in-ground pool can take weeks to months to install, as well as require permits and permission from an HOA. A swim spa by Master Spas is designed for not just ease of use but ease of installation. When your space is ready, your swim spa can be installed in less than a day.

In this video, Ben and Mari talk about how swim spas are installed and what the requirements are.

What you need to ask about installing a swim spa:

What kind of foundation do you need for the swim spa? A swim spa needs a level, solid surface that can support the weight of the spa-pool when filled with water. The recommended foundation is a reinforced concrete pad that is 6 inches thick. You can also install a swim spa on a deck, in the ground, or inside.

Does the swim spa dealer pour the concrete pad? The homeowner is responsible for preparing the space and landscape for the swim spa. You can talk to your retailer, though, about where you should put the spa.

Who hooks up the electrical? What kind of power do I need? Homeowners should work with a certified electrician to hook up the spa. The swim spa will need a dedicated breaker. However, the amp and voltage will vary depending on the spa pool.

How will the swim spa be delivered? Access to your backyard will determine how the swim spa is delivered. Many swim spas are delivered via forklift while some are brought in on cranes.