Making fitness a family tradition

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Facebook Live: November 24, 2021

Fitness activities, such as fun runs and family football games, can be a tradition beyond Thanksgiving day. Getting active and staying active as a family can continue beyond the holidays. In this video, Ben and Mari share how the whole family can get moving in a Master Spas swim spa. Plus, Ben and Mari answer viewers' questions about water care, installation, and covers.

Exercise is important for the entire family, from the children to the grandparents. A fitness routine can help you improve heart health, focus on work, and manage anxiety. When you exercise as a family or include activities like swimming, you can help your children establish healthy habits.

How do you get your children excited about exercise? You make it fun. It should feel like play time rather than going to class.

A Master Spas swim spa is fun for the whole family, and it encourages everyone to move their bodies. You can splash around in the water after dinner or host friends for an afternoon of pool games. Plus, it can be used year-round, in any climate.

Swimming is particularly beneficial for children. It helps with motor skills, coordination, strength, and confidence. Your children can learn to swim against the water current, starting at a gentle setting.

For adult members of the family, exercising in a swim spa can make it easier to balance life and fitness. A swim session is convenient and not dependent on whether you can book a lane.

While it might seem difficult to juggle, research shows active parents raise active children.