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Exploring the benefits of hot tubs and swim spas | Master Spas Facebook Live

Facebook Lives

Facebook Live — March 20, 2024

In this special Facebook Live, Master Spas swim spa specialists Ben Gilliam and Mari Cuticelli take you behind the scenes at Master Spas headquarters to answer your questions about hot tubs and swim spas.

From answering questions about swim spa maintenance to showcasing the best-selling spas, discover the benefits of owning a spa and how to choose the model that's best for you.

Superior water filtration with Mast3rPur: Offering a combination of UV filtration and eco-smart pumping technology, the Mast3r Pur system enhances overall water quality. The system includes a dedicated circulation pump, independent of the therapy pumps, and allows you to keep the water moving.

Choosing the perfect swim spa size: Whether deliberating between the compact Trainer 12 or the immensely popular Trainer 15D, Ben and Mari share how to find the perfect fit — for your backyard and your needs. With considerations ranging from workout space to relaxation zones, the specialists guided viewers toward making an informed decision tailored to their lifestyle.

Potential of swim spa workouts: From strength and stability gains to improved mobility and balance, one of the benefits of working out in a swim spa is the versatility. With a library of curated exercises and challenges like the 15/90 challenge, you can find a workout program that you can use in the comfort of your swim spa.

How do you clean a swim spa? Are there spa valet services? Most often, homeowners choose to drain, clean, and refill their swim spas on their own. You can use a vinegar-based product to clean the surface of the swim spa. Swim spas are designed so that you can maintain it on your own and spend your time in the water.

Product spotlight: The Trainer 19D. Boasting a pool-like space alongside a dedicated hot tub area, this dual-temperature model caters to both relaxation and rejuvenation. With features like LED lighting and customizable water currents, the Trainer 19D sets a new standard for premium aquatic experiences.