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Maintain strength, improve balance with water exercise | Master Spas Facebook Live

Facebook Lives

Facebook Live — November 29, 2023

Getting regular exercise is important to maintaining health. But it can be especially important as you age.

Regular exercise, especially those focused on balance and coordination, can significantly reduce the risk of falls. In addition, it can help you maintain your muscle mass and help you sleep better.

Join swim spa specialists Ben Gilliam and Mari Cuticelli in this Facebook Live session as they delve into the intersection of water exercise and the aging process. Mari's parents, Joe and Terry, have been using a swim spa for exercise for five years. Within the controlled environment of a Master Spas swim spa, they have improved balance and flexibility while reducing pain.

Among the benefits that they highlight:

Therapeutic warmth: A distinctive feature of Master Spas swim spas is the opportunity for aquatic therapy. The ability to set the water temperature to a comforting 92 degrees adds a therapeutic dimension to the experience. This warmth promotes improved blood circulation, reduces joint stiffness, and induces a state of relaxation.

Water depth: Opting for a deep swim spa, with a water depth of about 51 inches, brings added buoyancy to the equation. This buoyancy serves as a reliever of joint pressure and provides enhanced resistance during exercise — a valuable asset for those seeking an effective and gentle workout routine.

Safety: Master Spas swim spas prioritize safety with tits nonslip comfort flooring system. This feature ensures a stable footing during workouts, mitigating the risk of accidents. Joe and Terry, like many others, appreciate the confidence instilled by this safety measure as they strive to enhance their fitness levels.

Versatility: The versatility of Master Spas swim spas extends beyond their safety features. Whether you prefer equipment-free exercises or wish to incorporate resistance bands, rowing bars, or a kickboard for an added challenge, the swim spa accommodates a diverse range of workout options. This adaptability ensures that individuals of varying fitness levels can engage in a fulfilling exercise routine.