Get Started With Water Therapy

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Facebook Live: February 9, 2022

Low-impact exercise can improve your overall well-being without added stress on your joints. Swimming and water aerobics are among the most popular low-impact exercises. From improving mobility to decreasing pain, water therapy exercises in a swim spa can help you move better throughout daily living. In this video, swim spa specialists Ben Gilliam and Mari Cuticelli share the benefits of water therapy and exercise.

Warm water exercise and therapy can benefit your mobility and flexibility. In addition, people who incorporate warm water exercise can reduce pain while exercising and during your daily life.

How does exercising in a swim spa help? The buoyancy of the water, combined with the temperature, provide a therapeutic environment. In addition, the natural resistance of water makes movements efficient and effective.

Master Spas swim spas also have the option of a non-slip flooring system. Providing comfort and traction, you can exercise without water shoes. The design of the swim spa, too, allows you to do an aquatic therapy routine without the fear of falling. You can hold onto the grab bar at the swim end of the spa, as well as the side.

Aquatic therapy is designed to address a specific issue, injury, or condition. It's ideal for people recovering from surgery or people at risk of falling.