Exercising in a Swim Spa for Beginners

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Facebook Live — February 26, 2020

Exercising in the water is gentle on the body. The natural resistance and buoyancy help support the body while relieving the stress on joints. But water is the great equalizer. The harder you work, the more resistance the water will provide.

And with a swim spa by Master Spas, you can adjust your session based on your desire for exercise that day and your fitness level. Swim spas feature adjustable speed so that you can change the pace of the continuous water current.

In this video, Ben and Mari talk about the best water exercises for beginners, in addition to the benefits of exercising in water.

Water exercise demonstrations in this video include high knees,butt kickers, bicep curls, rowing, knee tucks, and core rotations.

Just like exercising in a gym, you can use fitness equipment to strengthen your muscles. Aquatic dumbbells, row bars, and ankle fins can be used to perform many exercises in the swim spa. Other pool equipment that you can use includes a kickboard and resistance tubing.

Do you want to incorporate water exercise into your fitness routine? Be sure to explore the H2Xercise manual that comes with your Master spas swim spa. Developed by aquatic fitness expert Dr. Rick McAvoy, there are a wide range of water exercise routines for every level.

If you are new to water exercise or just starting a fitness program, be sure to start slow and be aware of your body's cues.