Ultimate guide to installing a dual-temperature swim spa | Master Spas Facebook Live

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Facebook Live — May 8, 2024

Are you dreaming of a backyard oasis that combines the recreation of a swimming pool with the therapy of a hot tub? Dual-temperature swim spas from Master Spas are an all-in-one solution that can transform how you live in your backyard.

In this Facebook Live video, swim spa specialists Ben Gilliam and Mari Cuticelli highlight the features and advantages of a pool-spa combo. This video was filmed on location — a backyard with an H2X Challenger 19D swim spa.

Designed for convenience, this dual-temperature swim spa was installed right next to a deck, making it effortless to enter and exit the water, and to remove the cover.

If you are considering putting a swim spa next to your deck, it's important to plan for the height difference between the deck surface and the flange of the spa. Gilliam recommends that the spa is 24 inches higher than the deck, allowing you to sit on the edge of the spa and swing your legs in.

There are other factors to think about as you plan to install a dual-temperature swim spa.

Advantages: Imagine the convenience of going for a morning swim, then easing into the warm water of a hot tub — without ever stepping out of the water much less driving to the gym. Unlike traditional setups where you'd need to wait for temperature adjustments, Master Spas' pool-spa combos come with two separate heaters, allowing you to keep the swim area cool and the spa side invitingly warm.

Thoughtful design: The swim spa comes with an acrylic wall that neatly separates the hot tub side from the swim area, ensuring the integrity of dual-temperature zones. An Axis roll cover makes it simple to keep your spa clean and energy efficient.

Electrical requirements: Prepare for a 100-amp service due to the dual heaters. In addition, your electrician will need to wire both the swim side and hot tub side of the spa.

In-ground installation: It's possible to sink your swim spa into the ground with proper planning for a concrete vault, drainage, and maintenance access.

Concrete pad: A 6-inch reinforced concrete pad is recommended for those installing on solid ground.

Permits and regulations: While typically, you don't require a permit for a swim spa installation, it's essential to check with your local regulations to ensure compliance, especially regarding setbacks and electrical work.