The best of both: Year-round swim spa-hot tub combo | Master Spas Facebook Live

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Facebook Live: August 10, 2022

Hop into a dual-temperature swim spa and learn more about how you can benefit from a swim spa-hot tub combo.

In this Facebook Live video, Master Spas specialists Ben and Mari highlight the H2X Challenger 19D. This dual-zone swim spa is a true year-round retreat, upgrading your outdoor living space. You can have the health and therapy benefits of a hot tub while still having access to an area for swimming and fitness. And, at 19 feet long and 8 feet wide, a Master Spas dual-zone swim spa will not overwhelm your backyard.

What is a dual-zone swim spa. It's a swim spa-hot tub combo with two bodies of water. There's an acrylic divider that allows homeowners to heat each side differently. You can use the swim area for swimming, water fitness, recreation, and relaxation. The four-person hot tub has hydrotherapy jets that can relieve stress, ease muscle pain, and rejuvenate you.

In addition, Ben and Mari highlight the unique features of this dual-zone swim spa:

  • The Xtreme Therapy Cove, which is an arrangement of jets designed to be used standing up
  • EcoPur mineral system, which utilizes minerals like copper and zinc to minimize the amount of chlorine needed
  • The VSP jet system that creates a water current for stationary swimming