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Facebook Live — November 23, 2022

Swimming does not require much — a swimsuit, goggles, and cap. But you can improve how you move through the water by incorporating gear and swim toys.

A technique-heavy sport, your fitness is not the only factor that determines your pace. Your catch, pull, and rotation can all affect your speed and efficiency.

Swimming accessories such as a center snorkel, paddles, pull buoy, and fins can help you improve individual aspects of your technique.

In this video, Master Spas swim spa specialists Ben Gilliam and Mari Cuticelli share how you can incorporate these swim toys to improve your swim.

Working on your swim technique will not only improve your speed and strength but overall experience in a Master Spas swim spa.

Among the swim accessories demonstrated in this video are the center swim snorkel, pull buoy, paddles, fins, and kickboard.

With a center swim snorkel, you do not have to rotate to breathe. Using a snorkel allows you to focus on your body position and create that muscle memory.

A pull buoy helps with body alignment and keeping your hips at the surface of the water.

Swim paddles improve your hand position and catch. Many consider paddles to be the must-have item for every swimmer.

When you wear fins in a swim spa, you can swim faster without relying solely on your upper body. Your legs can move at a quicker tempo, and you can increase your stroke rate.

A kickboard is one of the most basic pieces of training equipment. You can use them for kick sets and strengthening your lower body. In addition, kickboards can be used for a variety of exercises in the swim spa.