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From fitness to relaxation: Why owners love their swim spas

Facebook Lives

Facebook Live — February 14, 2024

Swim spas are changing the way people approach aquatic activities, offering myriad benefits that appeal to both fitness enthusiasts and those seeking relaxation.

Recently, in a Facebook Live video, swim spa specialists Ben Gilliam and Mari Cuticelli shared stories of why people love their Master Spas swim spas.

Personalized swimming experience

With the ability to adjust water temperature at the touch of a button, swim spa owners enjoy a level of customization unmatched by public pools or even therapeutic alternatives. For instance, Jan appreciates the option to set her swim spa's temperature to a comfortable level that prevents post-workout chill, unlike the often cooler temperatures found in traditional pools.

Convenient access and versatility

Unlike traditional lap swimming, which often requires adherence to strict pool hours, swim spa owners have the flexibility to swim whenever it suits their schedule. Charlie H., for example, can enjoy a nighttime swim followed by a soothing session with the therapy jets.

Family fun

Swim spas aren't just for fitness enthusiasts; they also serve as a fun space for families. Rhonda shared that her grandkids eagerly jump into the swim spa, regardless of the outside temperature.

Backyard retreat

For many owners, their swim spa isn't just a piece of equipment; it's a sanctuary. Carol describes her swim spa as a place where she can enjoy water yoga sessions and swimming while listening to music. By adding a pavilion and decorative touches, she's transformed her swim spa area into a tranquil oasis.