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Facebook Live — October 4, 2023

When a homeowner shares their wish list, a hot tub often ranks in the top 10. A backyard hot tub can elevate your outdoor living space while offering at-home relaxation.

But when you make the decision to invest in a hot tub, you might have questions about the buying process. The primary factors that will influence your decision are the available backyard space and how many people might be using the hot tub.

Hot tubs will get very small very quickly when people get in. When buying a new hot tub, the seating arrangement and design can affect the comfort level while soaking. Hot tubs with an open seating arrangement often have a larger foot well. When a hot tub has a larger foot well, more people can enjoy the spa at one time. A hot tub with a lounge seat could have less room in the foot well.

The Master Spas pros, Ben and Mari, recommend an 8-foot hot tub for five to six people, allowing them to comfortably soak in the spa. However, an 8-foot hot tub can fit up to seven or eight adults.

Another feature to consider when buying a hot tub is different seat height. Ben and Mari highlight that some hot tubs have a variety of seat heights. Some are deeper in the water while some are higher in the water. Select models have a cooldown seat, which means less of your body is submerged in the water. With your neck and shoulders out of the water, you can still enjoy the hot tub and hang out with friends but feel a little bit of air.

Jets are among the top features that people are considering when buying a hot tub. You might ask about the number of jets and the type of jets. While you want premium jets that target your high tension areas, the therapy comes from the water being pushed out of the jets. A hot tub can have a lot of jets but if there's not enough power, it might not deliver the therapy you desire. When you are buying a hot tub, you should ask about the pumps and the power.

You also want to think about the way it's made. Materials such as acrylic, insulation, and the all-weather cabinet affect the quality of the hot tub. While you want a hot tub that fits in your budget, you want it to be a smart investment. You want a high quality hot tub that will last year after year. Master Spas hot tubs are made with full foam insulation and industry-best components. The insulation not only increases the energy efficiency of the hot tub but protects the components of the spa.