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Facebook Live: July 6, 2022

Have you ever wondered how Master Spas owners keep their water crystal clear? The secret to keeping the water clean might be easier than you think.

Hot tub and swim spa filters play a vital role in clean water. In this video, swim spa specialists Ben Gilliam and Mari Cuticelli share how hot tub filters work, maintenance tips and more.

Filters are essential to keeping your water clean, whether you have a Master Spas hot tub or swim spa. The filter fabric catches large contaminants, such as leaves and insects, which can affect the quality of your water. The pleated design of Master Spas' filters increases the surface area, making it easier for the filter to catch dirt.

Master Spas hot tubs and swim spas filters also feature an EcoPur core element. This orange core has natural elements, such as copper and zinc, to purify your water.

Homeowners can maximize the efficacy of the filter by increasing the filter cycles. Your spa will have two filter cycles per day, at which point the water is moved through the plumbing system and heater. Increasing the duration of the filter cycles means that your spa water will spend more time moving through the filter, which will continue to catch the dirt and debris you don't want in your water.

Following a maintenance schedule will extend the life of your filters. Spa owners should rinse filters once a week and clean them once a month.

In this video, Ben and Mari also answer viewer questions.

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