Aquatic Exercise Equipment for Your Best Swim Spa Workout

Facebook Lives

Facebook Live: June 30, 2021

Master Spas swim spas are designed for stationary swimming. However, these swim-in-place pools make it convenient and safe to enjoy an at-home water workout. In this Facebook Live, Ben and Mari share the best (and worst) aquatic exercise equipment for your swim spa.

Swim spa owners are encouraged to take advantage of the H2Xercise Fitness System book, which comes with most Master Spas swim spas. Written by Dr. Rick McAvoy, the book features full water workouts that can be done in the swim spa.

Your Master Spas swim spa will come with a kit that includes rowing bars and resistance tubing. However, there's additional pool exercise equipment on the market. Among the options are water dumbbells, ankle fins, foam barbell, and kickboard.

There are also underwater treadmills and bikes. However, these larger pieces of exercise equipment for the swim spa can get in the way.

Whether you are a beginner, rehabbing an injury, or a serious athlete, you can incorporate water aerobics equipment into your swim spa workout. These accessories can change up your workout so you get closer to your goals or just have fun. The best pool equipment for your swim spa can be easily stowed when not in use.