Water safety tips for swim spa owners | Master Spas

Facebook Lives

Facebook Live — May 3, 2023

May is National Water Safety Month, and Master Spas is raising awareness for this important initiative.

Did you know that most drownings happen in just 20 to 60 seconds, and they are often silent? That's why it's so important to take water safety seriously, especially if you have access to water in your backyard.

In this Facebook Live video, Master Spas swim spa specialists Ben Gilliam and Mari Cuticelli will highlight the safety features of a swim spa and provide valuable tips on water safety.

A Master Spas swim spa provides a safe space for swimming, whether you are just learning or have spent your life in the water. Swim spas come equipped with safety features such as non-slip flooring and lockable covers. These features can help prevent accidents and make sure children can not use the swim spa without adult supervision.

In addition, the dimensions of the swim spa take away the intimidation that larger pools have. Children and inexperienced swimmers can easily reach the wall or a handrail.

But it's important to be a safe swimmer.

  • Children should ask to use the swim spa, and there should always be adult supervision.
  • No pushing or shoving should be allowed in or around the spa.
  • Diving, sliding, or jumping should be prohibited.
  • Avoid bringing glass in or around the swim spa area.

Master Spas is committed to supporting water safety initiatives. As part of its Global Sales Event, the company will donate a portion of sales to the Michael Phelps Foundation. The Michael Phelps Foundation works to promote healthy, active lives, especially for children, primarily by expanding the opportunities for participation in the sport of swimming. Programs provide a learn-to-swim, healthy living, and goal-setting curriculum worldwide through the Boys and Girls Club of America and Special Olympics International.

You can donate to the Michael Phelps Foundation here: https://michaelphelpsfoundation.funraise.org