Make 2021 the Year You Make Over Your Backyard

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Facebook Live: January 20, 2021

The year is still new, and the weather is chilly in many areas. However, it's a perfect time to think about your backyard to-do list for 2021. A swim spa by Master Spas can help you complete your backyard, creating a unified space ideal for recreation and entertainment.

In this video, Ben and Mari talk about the benefits of a swim spa and how to buy a swim spa in 2021.

Just starting a backyard makeover? We suggest starting with the swim spa installation and work from there. You can choose decking and other backyard accessories that will complement your pool alternative.

Among the benefits of including a swim spa in your backyard makeover:

  • You can use a swim spa year-round. You can set the water to your perfect temperature, whether you prefer to keep it in the 70s or in the 90s.
  • Swim spas are constructed with energy-efficient materials. The insulation and high-density foam cover help maintain that water temperature.
  • With fewer gallons of water, swim spas are easier to maintain than traditional in-ground pools.