Master Spas On Location: Ask Us Anything

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Facebook Live: March 9, 2022

Do you have questions about installing or maintaining a spa? In this video, Ben and Mari are answering viewer questions about Master Spas. Learn more about what to do on delivery day, maintaining hot tub water, and more.

Delivery day tips. The delivery of your Master Spas hot tub or swim spa will make for an exciting day. However, you might also feel a little bit anxious. You can follow a few steps to ensure a smooth delivery. Among them are cleaning up the space, coordinating with the electrician, and being certain about the location.

Swim spa delivery in a small backyard. If you have the room for a swim spa, a retailer will be able to deliver it. If you have limited access to your backyard, the crew will more than likely need a crane. Teams can use a forklift, too, depending on the space.

Cloudy hot tub water. Your spa water should be clean and clear. But if it's a bit cloudy, you don't need to stress. You should test your chemical levels and adjust as necessary. It can also be helpful to rinse your filters.

Cold hot tub? Some hot tubs have a cooling seat, which sits higher than others. With more of your body out of the water, you'll have the chance to cool off. But some people wonder whether the air in the jets will cool the water. The answer is no.