Master Spas On Location: Ask Us Anything

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Facebook Live: September 23, 2021

Do you have questions about owning a hot tub or swim spa? In this video, Ben and Mari are on location at a hot tub and swim spa sale. Go behind the scenes and check out a wide range of Master Spas models. Ben and Mari answer viewers' questions about hot tubs and swim spas.

Adding chemicals to a hot tub. Products like pH increaser, chlorine, and sanitizer help keep your water clean. But how do you add chemicals to your spa? It's important to start by balancing the total alkalinity and pH. Once your total alkalinity and pH are in range, you can add a sanitizer. Sprinkle the chemicals evenly over the surface of the water and turn on the jets. The jets should run for about 15 to 20 minutes. Be sure to leave the cover open while the chemicals are moving through the water. It's important to give the chemicals time to off-gas.

Noise from hot tub jets. Some people can be concerned that a hot tub will be loud. However, Master Spas hot tubs are designed so that you can enjoy reconnect with family and friends. The noise from most of the jets is muffled by the water. However, the out-of-water jets for the neck and shoulders can be louder.

Automatic shut-off. A safety feature on Master Spas, the jets have a 15-minute timer.