All About Water Features

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Facebook Live — August 5, 2020

Swim spas by Master Spas are an alternative to the traditional in-ground pool. Not only do swim spas offer space to swim and exercise, the spas have hot tub jets for relaxation and recovery. The water pressure can be adjusted using the diverter valves so you can get the massage you need.

In this video, Ben and Mari talk about the water features of swim spas by Master Spas.

Endless swim current. A key feature of a swim spa is the swim current. Depending on the model, the swim current will be created by jets or a propulsion system. The popular H2X Challenger swim spa, which is featured in the video, has six jets. The unique design does not incorporate air into the flow, providing a smoother swim experience.

Hydrotherapy jets. A swim spa is a type of spa-pool, combining the function of a pool with the therapy of a hot tub. Swim spas have therapy seats with jets like a hot tub. The massage jets in the spa seats are the same as those used in Master Spas hot tubs.

Hot tub massage. The jets in a swim spa are not all the same. There are several types of jets used, each providing a different feel. Some deliver a deep tissue massage while others provide a more gentle feel.

Interchangeable jets. Each seat in a swim spa has a different arrangement of jets. However, you can customize the layout by interchanging the jets.

Water features. Using the diverters on the spa, you can turn on waterfalls.