Active at any age: Swim spa exercise for a longer life

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Facebook Live: August 11, 2021

Regular exercise is key to maintaining youth-like movement. As people age, ligaments and tendons can weaken, and you can lose muscle mass. But exercising as you age can be uncomfortable. Working out in the water, though, is the equalizer. You can improve balance, flexibility, and strength while moving in the stress-free environment of the water. In this video, Ben and Mari share how you can improve the quality of your life with a Master Spas swim spa.

An at-home spa pool makes water exercise convenient and comfortable. You can enjoy an extensive range of water exercises, while taking advantage of warm water therapy. Swim spas have built-in plumbing and heating systems so that you can use it

This Master Spas video offers exercise demonstrations for seniors who want to use a swim spa.

For seniors, a swim spa can be particularly valuable. Water-based exercise is a safe way to get active and stay active. It can also help manage chronic conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, and fibromyalgia.

Among the benefits of exercising in a spa pool:

Cardiovascular health. Water-based exercise, whether it's swimming or aqua aerobics, can improve heart and lung health.

Strength and balance. The hydrostatic pressure of water provides resistance as you move. So each exercise or movement requires you to use force. The benefit is improved strength and balance. Additional benefits include increased mobility and better coordination.

Easy on the joints. One of water's natural properties is buoyancy, which is responsible for the weightlessness you feel. It supports the weight of your body so that you don't feel impact while exercising. Water exercise does not have the impact on your joints that land-based activity does. Many people find they can exercise easier and with less pain in the water.

Reduced fall risk. The risk of falling increases as we age. Whether you are afraid of falling or are a fall risk, water can be a safe space to include daily movement. Master Spas swim spas also have the option of a non-slip flooring system, which adds comfort and traction.

Arthritis aid. Arthritis and other joint conditions are common among older adults. The supportive environment of water makes it easier to go through the full range of motion, helping to reduce aches and pains.