Glamor shot of a Precision 8 Glamor shot of a Precision 8

Clarity SpasPrecision 8

With the large, open seating design, there's plenty of space for seven people — without compromising on the therapy. The Stress Relief Neck and Shoulder Seat experience will undoubtedly be the highlight of your day.

Dimensions 94" x 94" x 36" (239 cm x 239 cm x 92 cm)
Gallons 515 (1,949 L)
Jets 48  
Seating 7  
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Clarity Spas
Precision 8

Dimensions 94" x 94" x 36" (239 cm x 239 cm x 92 cm)
Weight (Dry/Full) 880 lbs (399 kg) / 6,475 lbs (2,937 kg)
Gallons 515 (1,949 L)
Power Requirement 240 V / 50 Amp
Seating Capacity 7
Stainless Steel Jets 48
Pumps 2
Water Features 1
Filtration EcoPur® Charge
LED Lighting Interior LED Lighting
Backlit Cupholders
Exclusive Features StressRelief Neck and Shoulder Seat&trade
Master Force&trade Bio-Magnetic Therapy System
Premium Options Bluetooth Speaker
Dream Lighting
Listing Number 1580
StressRelief neck and shoulder seat video

StressRelief Neck & Shoulder Seat

Relieve unwanted tension and pain in your neck and shoulders. The unique out-of-water jets of the StressRelief Neck and Shoulder Seat targets this high-tension area.
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Bio-Magnetic therapy system feature video

Bio-Magnetic Therapy System

Relieve inflammation, improve circulation, and boost nervous system responses. The Master Force Bio-Magnetic Therapy System targets pressure points on the neck and back with strategically placed magnets.
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EcoPur filtration feature video

EcoPur Filtration

The clean, clear water you want without the harsh chemicals you don't. EcoPur Charge uses minerals like copper and zinc to purify water and remove dirt, bacteria, and algae.
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Energy Efficient feature video

Energy Efficient

Quality construction and energy-efficient materials help keep energy costs low. The full-foam insulation and a snug-fitting cover work together to maintain water temperature.
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Bluetooth Speaker feature video

Bluetooth Speaker

Whether you are hanging out with loved ones or want to create a moment of calm, the right playlist can help you set the mood. This sound system has 40W power and a bass boost with up to 10 hours of playtime. It's designed to easily rest on the water features of the spa for superior sound quality.

Dream Lighting feature video

Dream Lighting

Beautiful soft streams of light accent the exterior corners of your hot tub. Not available with DreamStone Skirting.

  • 5 YEARS - Spa Structure
  • 5 YEARS - Shell Surface
  • 3 YEARS - Equipment
  • 3 YEARS - Plumbing
  • 3 YEARS - Jets
  • 5 YEARS - Skirting: Dreamstone™
  • Lifetime - Skirting: Duramaster Polymer™

See complete warranty for details.

Estimated Monthly Operation Cost


Sterling Silver Acrylic Tuscan Sun Acrylic Midnight Acrylic Storm Cloud Acrylic
Espresso Skirting Graphite Grey Skirting Midnight Skirting

Colors Available:

SHELL: Sterling Silver (Standard)

SKIRTING: DuraMaster Espresso* (Standard)

Water feature on a precision 8 hot tub Water feature on a precision 8 hot tub

See what our customers are saying

A Shoulder to Feet Massage

"The jets in this hot tub give you a massage from your shoulders to your feet. The pressure from the jets can be soft or powerful." - donray59, Louisiana

Soaking Away Stress

"This hot tub has added so much to our lives. Our family uses it every night to enjoy nature and spend time outside during the chilly Midwest fall and winter. As an added bonus, we connect as a family and talk without any screens or distractions. It's a wonderful space to connect and really talk after our separate days." - Megan, Michigan

Excellent Quality

"We love our hot tub. The quality of each part really shows. It's energy efficient, quiet and easy to maintain. We can't imagine not having it!" - Chaynes, Calgary

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