hot tub hurricane

Safeguard your hot tub during a hurricane

Board up windows, install storm shutters, stock up on pantry essentials, fill bottles with water. The items on your hurricane checklist will help you stay safe during the storm and be ready to evacuate if necessary. 

As you prepare for the storm to make landfall, you might not be worried about securing your hot tub

However, it’s important to take steps to protect your hot tub during the hurricane. Not only will it safeguard your investment but potentially prevent further damage to your home. 

These six steps will help make sure your hot tub is hurricane-ready.

hot tub safety
The most important step to take during a hurricane is ensure your safety. But as you prepare your hurricane supply kit, be sure to take measures to secure your hot tub.

How to prepare hot tub for hurricane

As a hurricane makes landfall, areas can experience fierce downpours, high winds, flooding, and loss of power. The storms can cause extensive damage to your home and property, including your hot tub. 

Hurricane season is in full swing, and these steps can help prevent damage to your hot tub — even when a hurricane hits. 

Fill up the hot tub

Hurricanes can have sustained winds of 120 mph or stronger depending on the strength of the storm. Outdoor furniture and decor are no match for the storm’s winds. And while your Master Spas hot tub can weigh between 600 pounds and 1,500 pounds, the storm has the ability to push it around or even toss it. 

One of the best things you can do to prepare your hot tub for a hurricane is to fill it up. When filled, your spa can weigh thousands of pounds. The added weight will help your hot tub stay put during the storm and prevent damage to your home.

Add sanitizer

The strong wind gusts of a hurricane can blow dirt, dust, and debris, all of which can affect the quality of your hot tub water. Balancing the chemicals and shocking the water can help maintain water quality during the storm, especially as the filter cycles will not be running.

hot tub hurricane
Power outages are common during a hurricane. Be sure to turn off your hot tub at the breaker.

Turn off the breaker

Power outages and surges are common during hurricanes. The change in power supply can be a fire risk, as well as potentially damage the electrical system of your hot tub. Turn off the power to your spa at the breaker box. 

Secure outdoor furniture and decor

A patio umbrella might be the last thing you are concerned about when you are preparing your hot tub for a hurricane. However, lawn furniture, toys, and garden accessories can cause a lot of damage when tossed across the yard at 70 mph. Chairs, tables, decor, and hot tub supplies should all be secured before the storm makes landfall.

hot tub cover hurricane
Be sure to secure your cover and use high-wind straps.

Strap down cover

Hot tub covers are designed to keep out the elements when not in use. Never is that more important than during a tropical storm or hurricane. The cover will prevent flying debris from making it into the water and damaging the acrylic. Make sure that the cover is secure and taut. You can also use high wind straps for extra protection. Properly installed and maintained, the straps can withstand 100 mph winds. 

Some Master Spas owners suggest putting plywood on top of the cover, then a tarp and strapping it down. The plywood and tarp add another layer of protection and can prevent damage to the cover.


Keeping the area around your hot tub clear can help make sure that water can drain away from the spa. However, if there’s a chance that your yard or house will be flooded, sandbags can help prevent damage to your spa. Even a foot of water around your hot tub can damage the electrical components of your spa.

hot tub maintenance
After a hurricane, be sure to rinse and clean your hot tub filters. This process will help remove any dirt and debris that the hurricane might have blown in to your hot tub.

After the hurricane: Checking your hot tub

After a hurricane, it’s important to make sure that the circuit breakers and other connections are dry. Do not turn on the breaker unless you are sure it’s dry. It’s also important to inspect the wiring, harnesses, and other connections around your hot tub before turning it on. Consult a licensed electrician if something does not look right or you are unsure.

Skim the water

You put your hot tub cover on and strapped it down. Even then, it’s possible that storm debris got into the water. Remove the cover to assess the situation. If necessary, use a net or spa vac to remove large debris from the water. Cleaning out dirt and debris can keep your hot tub filter from working overtime and prevent clogs.

Restore power

Once you are certain that your hot tub is safe to turn on, you can turn on the breaker.

Balance chemicals

With a loss of power, your hot tub water was not filtered during the storm. Be sure to check the chemical levels and balance as needed. You might also want to shock your hot tub water, especially if there was a lot of debris in the hot water.

Clean hot tub filters

Cleaning your filter is a part of regular maintenance but is especially important after a hurricane. The filters would have caught any dirt and small debris that made its way into your spa during the storm. And clean filters will make it easier to keep those chemicals balanced so you can finally relax.