best hot tubs for families

Create Memories with the Best Hot Tub for Families

Hydrotherapy and help with a physical condition are among the top reasons people buy a hot tub. But a hot tub is also a place for you to spend time with a spouse, to entertain, and enjoy the company of children and grandchildren. 

Life can be stressful, and the busyness can interfere with the opportunity to connect. A hot tub is a place where the entire family will want to gather for relaxation and conversation.

But what is the best hot tub for families?

An ideal hot tub for families is spacious enough for the whole gang — Mom, Dad, children, grandchildren, cousins. And it will also have stress relief features for the adults and entertainment options for the youth.

The Michael Phelps Legend series LSX 800, which is manufactured by Master Spas, is perfect for entertaining — whether it’s family or friends. 

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The LSX 800 by Master Spas has room for up to six adults, with a variety of jet configurations and seating areas.

Learn More About the LSX 800

The LSX 800 has sleek, contemporary styling to complement any backyard, and the premium features set the spa apart from other hot tubs on the market. 

The ergonomic design offers comfortable seating, and the Xtreme Lounger offers a full-body massage. Six jets soothe back tension, while 12 jets offer relief to the hamstrings and calves. The feet even get a massage with jets that target pressure points. 

Orbit jets, which have crystal-like nozzles for a decidedly upscale look, are easily adjusted based on personal preference. Each person soaking in the hot tub can choose the pressure of the hydrotherapy massage, no matter where they are seated. 

Adding ambiance, the spa features LED lighting, with the option to add an additional glow and a Bluetooth stereo system. Children young and old will enjoy relaxing to their favorite playlist while taking advantage of the benefits of a hot tub.

Hot Tub Size: 6 person hot tub

Hot Tub Jets: 70 Orbit jets

Hot Tub Features: StressRelief Neck and Shoulder Seat, Master Force™ Bio-Magnetic Therapy System, Master Blaster Foot Therapy, LED lighting, ergonomic and energy-efficient design, ABS Pan Bottom

The LSX 800 features LED lighting and waterfalls that will delight family members young and old.

Why Owners Think the LSX 800 is the Best Hot Tub for Families

We have a family of eight, and we all love our Master Spas LSX 800. The spa gets used every day, and the water is always crystal clear. This is the third hot tub we have owned and by far the best! The Afterglow lighting and the sound system really add to the luxury. The jets are great and very relaxing after a stressful day at work. 

— Will, Indiana

My family just loves the LSX 800, and it has changed our entire way of life for relaxing. Along with the hot tub, we built an enlarged deck and a fire pit. Our six adult children are happy with the new “party” atmosphere. My wife loves the hot tub and the fact that the family is all together and having fun.  

— Scott, Connecticut

My wife suffered a ruptured aneurysm with complications and was paralyzed from the chest down. Through therapy, she has gone from a wheelchair, to a walker, to a rollator, to a cane. 

I chose this spa specifically for the lounge. The wrap around jets have been a miracle worker for her legs. The pain relief that comes after just a 30-minute soak has allowed her to sleep fully now. I can’t describe enough how much this spa benefits us to be able to function in our everyday lives. Between her rehabilitation and my recovery from being wounded in Afghanistan and Iraq, we have become more active and have a greater ability to enjoy life. 

Thank You for designing such a great spa!

— Travis, Texas

As a hard-working roofing contractor, my husband has many aches and pains at the end of the day. This hot tub takes them away in a matter of minutes! The adjustable jets give a gentle to rigorous massage, and the variety of the jets satisfies any muscle group. My own favorite is the seat with the lower lumbar jets, directly across from the Master Blasters for the feet — simply bliss! 

— Julie, California