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Best Water Fitness Equipment for Your Swim Spa

The only thing you need to exercise in the water is, well, the water. Its natural properties, including buoyancy, offer support and resistance so that you can get the best out of your workout … and yourself. But sometimes you want a way to switch up your water aerobics workout. Aquatic exercise equipment can help you change the way you train.

Whether you use dumbbells or resistance tubing, water fitness accessories can help you target specific muscle groups, work toward personal goals, or just make your session more fun.

Master Spas swim spas come with the H2Xercise Fitness System, which includes resistance tubing and rowing bars. In addition, the H2Xercise aquatic workout book shows you how to use water fitness equipment like dumbbells and ankle fins.

But there’s a lot of additional accessories available, and you want to make sure you invest in the right water fitness equipment. Some pool exercise equipment might feel like a gimmick and impede your swim spa enjoyment. Other equipment can help you make the most of your swim spa investment.

water aerobics
Exercising in the water does not require equipment. However, water fitness equipment can help you achieve different results and reach your goals.

Best Water Fitness Equipment

Water aerobics is a popular type of exercise for people who have joint pain or are recovering from surgery. However, water aerobics is so much more than the 10 am senior classes at your fitness facility. 

Exercising in the water is an effective way to improve your fitness, build strength, and increase your mobility without the impact of land-based activities. What does that mean? You can enjoy a challenging workout or add variety to your exercise routine without risking injury. The buoyancy of water eliminates the stress on the joint, and water’s resistance makes even equipment-free moves harder.  Plus, a water aerobics session in your swim spa is a great way to exercise outdoors while enjoying the convenience and privacy of being at home.

Whether you are a beginner, rehabbing an injury, or a serious athlete, you can incorporate water aerobics equipment into your swim spa workout.

aqua strength workouts
You can use resistance tubing in a swim spa to strengthen your upper body.

Resistance Tubing

Attached to the stainless steel bar of your swim spa, resistance tubing can be used for upper body and core exercises. You can also use it to challenge balance and coordination. Your H2Xercise kit comes with a set of resistance tubing to use in your Master Spas swim spa.

Exercises: Standing row and variations, chest press, tricep extensions, overhead press, bicep curls

Rowing Bars

Your H2Xercise kit comes with rowing bars, which can be used for cardiovascular or strength based exercises. The bars easily clip into the side of the swim spa.

Exercises: Rowing, chest press

Aquatic Dumbbells

There are a variety of aquatic dumbbells available for swim spa or pool exercises. The dumbbells can be used for any level of exercise and are ideal for general fitness, strength, speed, and endurance. Some water dumbbells feature a paddle design, which catches the water and maximizes the resistance of the water. 

Exercises: Bicep curls, chest press, front raise, tricep pushdown

Pool Barbell

Barbells designed for water aerobics exercises can be used for a variety of strength-based exercises. You can target your upper body and core, while also improving your range of motion.

Exercises: Bicep curls, front raise, chest press

Ankle Fins

Whether you call them cuffs or fins, this piece of water exercise equipment helps you target your lower body. These are ideal for resistance conditioning. 

Exercises: Leg swings, kicks, lunges, marching, walking


When you think of using a kickboard in the water, you probably think about swimming drills. However, you can use a kickboard to create additional resistance in the water. 

Exercises: Single-leg pushdowns, chest press, core rotations, kicking drills

Underwater Punching Bags

Get in a workout and have fun? With an underwater punching bag, you can kick and punch your way to fitness. The bags, which float just below the surface when filled with water, can be used for aerobic and strength exercises.

Exercises: Kicking, punching, throwing, squats, core rotations, kettlebell-style swings, upright rows

swim spa exercise
Water jogging is a popular exercise to do in a pool or swim spa. While there are underwater treadmills available, you don’t need one to aqua jog in a swim spa. Other cardio options include rowing, water walking, swimming, and high knees.

Underwater Treadmill: Yay or Nay

Aqua jogging allows you to mimic the motion of running without the impact on your knees and hips. Often used as part of a recovery or rehab plan, water running allows you to build and maintain cardio fitness. 

Water running can be monotonous and challenging to get in the groove. But there are underwater treadmills available for people who want an alternative to pool running. 

On the surface, the underwater treadmill can seem like the best of both options — water exercise and running.

However, underwater treadmills and bikes are made of stainless steel. The components of the treadmill can rust over time and affect how the treadmill works.

In addition, an underwater treadmill can take up a lot of room in your swim spa and pool. They can be awkward to maneuver and once they are in the water, they are in the water. The treadmill can get in the way of enjoying your swim spa. 

You can run against the endless current of a Master Spas without any special equipment. If you have the optional SoftTread NonSlip Flooring System, the flooring offers grip and comfort.

But can you get in a good workout just running against the current, especially compared to an underwater treadmill?

The answer is yes. By adjusting the speed of the current and bringing your knees higher, you can make the “run” more difficult. These sessions can help you get your heart rate up without the added cost of an aquatic treadmill, which can cost between $500 and $5,000.