Tag: indoor hot tub rooms

Do you want to be able to soak in your own private retreat? Indoor hot tub rooms are one way to create a space where relaxation and wellness are top of mind.

Indoor hot tub rooms allow you to realize the benefits of hydrotherapy without worrying about the outdoor elements.

Among the benefits are privacy, convenience, year-round escape, and taking advantage of existing space in your home or property.

It’s possible to convert a bedroom or office in your home so it works for a spa. However, indoor hot tub rooms can also be built as part of a remodeling project or on its own.

Adding on a space for a spa can be the better option as you can choose the best materials and design.

Considerations for such a space are drainage, ventilation, water source, electrical requirements and wall coverings. It’s important to use glass or cedar for the walls. If you choose to have the walls dry-walled, it needs to be water-resistant (just as you would use in bathroom construction).

Ventilation is also key. A spa has water — hundreds of gallons of it — and it will increase the humidity in the room. The water is at a high temperature, too, which affects the humidity.

One disadvantage to putting your spa inside is the scenery. While it’s nice to skip the chilly run from the spa to house, you miss out on the beauty of nature. Many outdoor installations take advantage of the natural landscape.