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Do you want to know how to install a hot tub indoors?

A Master Spas hot tub was designed to be used and enjoyed year-round, no matter the weather. But if you want to skip the walk from the back door to the spa, you can create an indoor oasis.

An indoor hot tub installation is unique, and there are special factors to consider.

  • Flooring
  • Water source
  • Wall covering material
  • Ventilation
  • Room temperature
  • Hot tub chemicals and care

When you are looking at how to install a hot tub indoors, you want the flooring to be non-slip and offers traction as you get in and out of the spa. It’s also important to consider the material. Wood flooring can rot as water splashes in and out of the hot tub.

Similarly, the material of the wall covering is important because of the water and humidity in the hot tub room. You can choose cement, cedar planks, or glass. If you want to use drywall, it needs to be water-resistant, like what is used in a kitchen or bathroom.

Every spa requires water, whether it’s in an indoor hot tub room or outside.  How will you access water?