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A hot tub by Master Spas offer stress relief and relaxation. Manage the symptoms of chronic conditions, improve your quality of life, and more in your very own backyard oasis.

What is a hot tub?

It’s a portable unit that features full-foam insulation, a heating system, and massage jets. Some spas require a 220-volt connection while others, sometimes called plug-and-play, use a 110-volt connection.

How do you use a hot tub?

You can soak in the warm water, relax with the jets at your back, or even stretch out on a pool float. You can manage stress and anxiety; improve circulation; ease muscle pain; improve sleep length and quality; reinvent family time; and more.

If you are buying a hot tub, here are some things to consider:

• Warranty

• Insulation

• Manufacturer

• Customer service and support

Finding the perfect Master Spa for your life is easy:

Find your local dealer
Your local dealer will assess your site and your requirements before presenting you with recommendations and prices.

Choose your perfect spa
With your Master Spas dealer guiding you through the buying process, you’ll choose the model that is right for your lifestyle and your space.

Live better
Enjoy better daily living from the comfort of your own home with a Master Spas premium hot tub solution.

Once you experience that sense of well-being in your own backyard , you’ll wonder how you lived without a Master Spas spa for so long.