Juvenile arthritis: How a hot tub can help

Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month—Benefits of Hot Tub Therapy

Arthritis is often considered to be a condition that affects people as they age. However, juvenile arthritis affects 300,000 children in the United States and is often under recognized.

Juvenile arthritis is an umbrella term that encompasses inflammatory and rheumatic diseases in those younger than 16. The symptoms of juvenile arthritis include sensitivity to light, dry eyes, and skin issues.

Yet just as with adults, the most recognized symptom of juvenile arthritis is stiffness and soreness. The inflammation of the joints can make it painful for children to do the things they love, from riding a bike to swinging on the playground.

But one of the best ways to combat the symptoms of arthritis is just that: movement.

How can a child with juvenile arthritis get active and stay active while managing their symptoms? In addition to working with his medical team, families can complement treatment with warm water therapy and exercise.

Warm water therapy, whether it’s exercising in a swim spa or soaking in a hot tub, can reduce the impact of juvenile arthritis. Not only can it reduce pain but it makes easier for a kid to be a kid.

Aquatic therapy for juvenile arthritis

You might not term but you know the feeling. You step into the water and instantly feel lighter. The deeper the water, the lighter you feel.

The effect? It’s called buoyancy. Buoyancy minimizes the effects of gravity on the body, allowing you to feel almost weightless.

More than that, though, the buoyancy of water provides a safe and low-impact environment for exercising, compared to performing the same activity on land. In fact, when in water, the majority of the body’s weight is supported, enabling land exercises to be performed without the risk of muscle and joint swelling.

You might first think of a pool for water exercise. However, Master Spas swim spas are an at-home aquatic therapy option. You can swim, walk, and perform other exercises while allowing the water to take the stress off your joints. Swim spa owners can also adjust the temperature of the water so that it’s in a therapeutic range. Therapy pools are typically set to 91 or 92 degrees, which allows for improved circulation and mobility.

According to the Arthritis Foundation, two of the best forms of movement for juvenile arthritis are aquatic exercise and swimming.

Exercising in warm water is soothing, experts share, and allow children to exercise even if they are experiencing a flare. IN addition, the natural resistance of water can improve muscle strength.

Swimming is beneficial for children with JA because it improves cardiovascular and muscular fitness, as well as improves range of motion.

Hot tubs and arthritis

A swim spa or pool is not the only complement to treatments for juvenile arthritis. Hot tubs deliver a hydrotherapy experience, which provides myriad benefits.

The warm water of hot tubs and swim spas is therapeutic. Warmer water helps muscles relax, improving flexibility and increasing circulation. For a child living with arthritis, soothing the joints and muscles is essential to living an enjoyable life.

Plus, spas feature jets that combine air and water to relieve pain and improve flexibility. The water pressure of the jets is adjustable so that children can find just what they need.

Opportunity for better living

Incorporating exercise into a JA treatment plan is vital. However, research shows that children with arthritis don’t get as much exercise as other kids their age. When they are less active, children often experience more pain and limitations.

Exercise and general physical activity can help kids with arthritis not only control pain but increase mobility, improve mood, and build confidence.

July is a perfect opportunity to teach your child about his or her own health and how important exercise is to maintaining a healthy life.

Whether he or she is living with arthritis, the month can spark a conversation about the impact of the disease as well as the water exercises that provide arthritis relief.

Most importantly, it offers a fun, pain-free environment for those living with a chronic condition to find much-needed relief.

How to buy a swim spa

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