Hot Tub Noise Reduction

Less Noise = More Relaxation

The little things in life make such a big difference for us. It could be the smile of a young child at the end of a long day, or maybe it's the fact you hit all the green lights on your morning commute. One thing that's been more difficult to find in these busy times is a quiet, relaxing place to rejuvenate yourself. At Master Spas, we've been building ultimate relaxation machines for over 30 years and relaxing hundreds of thousands of happy Master Spas owners. The most relaxing spas in the world are even better with our exclusive Noise Reductions System (NRS).

Exclusive Noise Reduction System creates a quieter and more relaxing hot tub experience

Master Spas’ NRS significantly reduces pump and motor noise and vibration. The heart of the NRS is the unique motor mount developed by Master Spas’ world-class engineers and our industry-leading suppliers. By comparison, the industry standard has 153% more vibration than Master Spas' NRS.

With the exclusive Noise Reduction System from Master Spas, if you listen close won't hear it.

The NRS is on all 2 speed, therapy 1 pumps on the Twilight Series and Legend Series Spas only.

Noise Facts

The amount of noise affects you in a big way every day! Master Spas helps reduce the ambient noise of your hot tub with our Noise Reduction System, making it even easier to find your quiet place.

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Better than the rest

The industry standard has 153% more vibration than Master Spas' NRS.

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Quiet Nights

White noise, including the sound of bubbling water, can help achieve a good night's sleep.

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Easy Listening

No need to crank the music just to hear it. Our spas operate at a low volume.

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A quieter spa means it's easier to talk with the people you enjoy.

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Brain Power

Setting quiet time aside in your day can increase your focus and brain function.