Glamor shot of a HL 8 Glamor shot of a HL 8

Healthy LivingHL 8

The ultimate in Healthy Living, the HL 8 is spacious and comfortable. Featuring an ergonomic lounge seat and 54 jets, this model delivers targeted relief to all areas of your body. Add the optional sound system and colorful lighting for a totally relaxing spa experience.

Dimensions 94" x 94" x 36" (239 cm x 239 cm x 92 cm)
Gallons 370 (1,401 L)
Jets 54  
Seating 6  
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Healthy Living
HL 8

Dimensions 94" x 94" x 36" (239 cm x 239 cm x 92 cm)
Weight (Dry/Full) 1,040 lbs (472 kg) / 5,240 lbs (2,377 kg)
Gallons 370 (1,401 L)
Power Requirement 240 V / 50 Amp
Seating Capacity 6
Stainless Steel Jets 54
Pumps 2
Water Features 3
Filtration EcoPur® Charge
LED Lighting Orion Light System™
Exclusive Features StressRelief Neck and Shoulder Seat™
Master Force™ Bio-Magnetic Therapy System
Premium Options QuietFlo Water Care System™
Fusion Air Sound System
Dream Lighting
Vac-Formed ABS Pan Bottom
Wi-Fi Module (dealer installed option)
Listing Number 1180

StressRelief Neck & Shoulder Seat

Relieve unwanted tension and pain in your neck and shoulders. The unique out-of-water jets of the StressRelief Neck and Shoulder Seat targets this high-tension area.
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Bio-Magnetic Therapy System

Relieve inflammation, improve circulation, and boost nervous system responses. The Master Force Bio-Magnetic Therapy System targets pressure points on the neck and back with strategically placed magnets.
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Orion Light System

With the of a touch of a button, the Orion Light System allows you to illuminate the topside controls, water features, under the water, and more.

EcoPur Filtration

The clean, clear water you want without the harsh chemicals you don't. EcoPur Charge uses minerals like copper and zinc to purify water and remove dirt, bacteria, and algae.
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Energy Efficient

Quality construction and energy-efficient materials help keep energy costs low. The full-foam insulation and a snug-fitting cover work together to maintain water temperature.
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QuietFlo Water Care System

Maximize efficiency, while keeping water filtered and heated evenly. The QuietFlo Water Care System utilizes a circulation pump to move water at preset intervals.
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Fusion Air Sound System

Stream your favorite station or playlist via Bluetooth®. The hot tub stereo includes up to four interior, water-resistant speakers, and a subwoofer to maximize sound quality.
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Dream Lighting

Beautiful soft streams of light accent the exterior corners of your hot tub. Not available with DreamStone Skirting.

ABS Pan Bottom

The ABS Pan Bottom comes standard on all Michael Phelps Legend hot tubs. It offers a protective barrier between your spa and the foundation.

Wifi Module

Control your hot tub from the convenience of your phone. Set the water temperature, turn on the light, run the massage pumps, and more. (Dealer installed option.)

  • 5 YEARS - Spa Structure
  • 5 YEARS - Shell Surface
  • 2 YEARS - Equipment
  • 2 YEARS - Plumbing
  • 2 YEARS - Jets
  • 5 YEARS - Skirting: Dreamstone™
  • Lifetime - Skirting: Duramaster Polymer™

See complete warranty for details.

Estimated Monthly Operation Cost


Three quarter view of a Healthy Living hot tub

Colors Available:

SHELL: Sterling Silver (Standard)

SKIRTING: DuraMaster Espresso (Standard)

Close up of jets on a HL 8 Close up of jets on a HL 8

See what our customers are saying

Lights, Jets...Relaxation!

"My wife and I truly love our new hot tub! With color changing lights and all the jets, we are totally relaxed when we get through using it! Thank you!" - Jeff64, Missouri

Relaxing into Retirement

"My wife has arthritis as do I. The HL8 just made sense, especially given our health and retirement. We absolutely, without a doubt, love our spa! It has made a difference in our life and is a joy to relax in." - BowfinMike, Texas

Best Way to End the Day

"We absolutely love our Master Spa. Even with our busy schedules, we still find time, or should I say make time, to end our day in the relaxing spa! After the kiddos have gone to bed, it is a great time for the two of us to relax and focus on each other! We love to sit in our favorite spots — mine is the lounger, and his is the therapeutic seat — and gaze up at the stars!" - softballmom, Missouri

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